You need a clear plan to follow, to create the successful
health & wellness business you've been dreaming of! One that helps your ideal clients with transformative experiences - while provide you the work-life balance you deserve.

Tell me honestly...

🤔 Do you post last minute content on social media, because you feel you have to post something?

😟 You write emails to your list the day they need to go out, without thought for the strategy behind them?

🫤 You realise you need a proper marketing strategy to reach your business goals, but have no idea how create it?

An online VIP Marketing Strategy Experience is your answer!

A marketing strategy is your roadmap, to get from where you are now to the success you ultimately want to achieve. Let's change your reactive marketing and overwhelm, into proactive, intentional action that gets results!

Together, we can create the RIGHT marketing strategy for YOUR business!

You wouldn't take a trip without a map.

Why would you run your business without a solid marketing strategy?

What is a marketing strategy & why do I need one?

First up, your marketing strategy isn't just about where or how you'll promote your services, it goes much deeper than that.

A successful marketing strategy is created in cohesion with your business vision, underpinning everything you do and WHY you do it.

A solid marketing strategy has your long-term business goals in mind and steps you ever closer to the ultimate outcomes you desire.

Your strategy needs to include foundations like:

  • Marketing Ecosystem

  • Marketing Channels

  • Marketing Activities

  • Visibility Strategy

  • Content Pillars

  • Launch Strategy

  • Marketing Calendar

  • Content Plan

and more!

Bottom line is, without the right marketing strategy, your business can struggle through tough times & end up on the feast & famine cycle so many health & wellness entrepreneurs endure!

Welcome to the VIP Marketing Strategy Experience!

VIP Marketing Strategy Experience is an intensive 5 hour planning session held via zoom. An epic day, just you and I, carving out the marketing path for your business!

We will create the overall strategy for your health & wellness business, including the right marketing ecosystem and specific marketing channels best suited to your specialisation to get results.

Your marketing message and content pillars will be curated, so you can stand out for your expertise and get more traction from your marketing.

We will map out your client attraction system so you'll know the specific action to take to move forward and grow.

Not only will you have this detailed marketing strategy, you'll have a marketing calendar spanning the next twelve months, including launch and growth activities.

With sales & the bottom line in mind, we develop a marketing strategy that will propel your business forward!

After our session I compile everything we've created into your detail Marketing Strategy. These documents are provided to you within a week of your VIP Marketing Strategy Experience, plus you get the zoom recording via dropbox and my support for 30 days after your session, for questions and clarification.

In a nutshell, what do I get from a VIP Marketing Strategy Experience?

  • A full day live on Zoom with me, strategizing & planning your marketing & business growth strategy

  • Your marketing ecosystem created, including all activities and channels

  • Clarity on your niche/specialisation and how to market your core offers

  • Definition of your content pillars & messaging, so you're never stuck for what to say again!

  • A clear intentional plan to follow for the next 12 months, and beyond

  • A marketing strategy plan, marketing calendar and recommended content calendar (the what to do and when, does not include specific post messaging)

  • Your visibility marketing plan to propel your growth

  • Your client attraction system mapped out

  • My support for 30 days after your VIP Marketing Strategy Experience via email, for questions & clarification

You need a clear MARKETING STRATEGY,
the growth of your business depends on it!

You know what you want your business to become, but the how is elusive

You're just not sure how to make it happen. You are trying so many things, but aren't sure they are right.

You know you need to market, but you're not sure exactly what to do

I can help you curate the right marketing ecosystem that will put you in front of your ideal clients.

You want a clear plan to follow so you know you're doing the right things
Say goodbye to confusion & overwhelm! You'll know exactly what to do, and when, for best results.

If you're agreeing with all these points, your business would benefit from a VIP Marketing Strategy Experience!

The deep dive we will do on this strategy day is unlike anything any other business mentor can offer you, because no one has the blend of experience, qualifications & skills that I do.

Hi, I'm Cass, Marketing & Business Strategist
- and qualified Naturopath!

As a degree qualified marketing and business strategist, I was trusted by some of the world's biggest brands to manage their marketing. Once I became a qualified naturopath, I created a practice from scratch (as a solo parent no less) and turned over six figures in less than a year. A decade on, my businesses generate multi six figures every year, from multiple revenue streams. I work less than I did in clinic, but make more & lead a life I love. Let's put together a strategy so you can have this too!

Ready? Let's do this!

$2500 ex gst

Price quoted is ex GST. Total $2750 inc GST .

You can choose either one full day (5 hours) or 3 sessions of 1-2 hours each. Once your order is received I'll contact you to book our session/s

"If you get the opportunity to work with Cass, you should take it! She gave me new ideas and helped me craft marketing that works.  She always focused on what was achievable for me, with family in mind."
— Katie Barron, Naturopath & Educator

"I have wasted so much money on coaches that said they could help with my business model, my strategy & creating my online programs. Cass is the only one who actually helped me bring these elements to life!"

— Rebecca Lang, Naturopath

“I had big plans and needed help to bring them all together into a strategy that my team could follow. Cass was amazing at bringing it all together and helped me fill gaps in my marketing to increase revenue.”

— Chelsey Jean, CJ Lymphatics


What is included in the VIP Marketing Strategy Experience?

It's a full day on zoom, covering all the elements detailed above. After our session I take a week to compile your marketing strategy document, marketing plan, client attraction system, content plan and any other documents.

Is it an ongoing commitment?

No, it is a one off experience. I do recommend holding this session annually, as your business is a fluid and growing entity, and your marketing strategy will change over time.

What is the price? Are their refunds?

The price is $2500 ex gst in Australia dollars, $2750 including gst. There are no refunds on this service, however I am flexible with dates and happy to reschedule with at least 24 hrs notice.

It's a long day, can I take a break?

Yes! We do stop for an hour lunch break, and can take a break as often as you need. It is a fun, teamworking style of day, I invite you to enjoy a cuppa and snacks throughout the day as we work.

Is there any online content, modules or prep work to complete?

This is a completely customised 1:1 service, so there are no online modules or learning. There is a checklist and questionnaire for you to complete before our session however.

Can I invite my team

I am happy to have an additional member of your team sit in on the session, if it will not impede our progress. If you have a large business or organisation, please contact me separately and I will create a bespoke Marketing Strategy Day for your business.

Can I come in person?

No this service is only offered virtually, online via a zoom call.

Do I have to do it in one day?

If you'd rather, we can do it in a series of 2 or 3 shorter sessions.

Is the day recorded?

Yes we can record the session, recording provided via dropbox after the session. (I can't say anyone has ever wanted to re-watch 5 hours worth of footage though!). We do both take comprehensive notes and I provide you a completed strategy document.

Is there any ongoing support?

Yes, for 30 days after your Marketing Strategy Experience I am available to support you with questions pertaining to the content we covered, via email. This does not include feedback on new ideas, content creation, or other elements - only on the content we covered for clarification purposes.

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